Become an Wild Child Dzigns Ambassador and earn cash!

Are you a fan of Wild Child Dzigns products? Do you share the things you love on social media and with friends? Would you like to earn cash for doing the things you already do? 
If you answered yes to the questions above then the Wild Child Dzigns Ambassador program may be for you! 

Who can become an ambassador? 

Ambassadors should have a genuine enthusiasm for style, fashion and of course Wild Child Dzigns products and be ready and able to consistently promote products whenever the opportunity presents itself. 

There are no special requirements , however having an active social media presence , a blog , website or a receptive accessory loving social circle will garner the most success! 


How does it work? 

How does the WCD Ambassador program work? 

  •  Register to become an Ambassador HERE 
  • Upon approval of your account you will receive a followup email with any further information and will be asked to provide your social media handles where you plan to promote. 
  • Ambassadors will receive  12% commission on all purchases made using their unique Ambassador link
  • Ambassadors will also receive a unique coupon code to promote in places where a link is not appropriate (ie: Social settings )
  • A  10% commission is applied to all purchases generated using your unique coupon code 
  • If a customer uses both your referal link and your coupon code in the same transaction , only the link referral will be awarded commission but NOT both. 
  • When a customer arrives at using your link a "cookie" is placed on their system for 30 days . Therefore even if they leave the site and come back to purchase later, you will still receive the commission as long as it is within this timeframe. 

How can I promote Wild Child Dzigns Products?

Once you log into your Ambassador account you will be able to view and download current banners and ads to use on your platforms. You may also choose to snag additional images from anywhere WCD has promotional or product images. You may even choose to add YOUR unique coupon code to a photo when posting. (do not alter photos in any other way). 

Where can I promote Wild Child Dzigns products? 

You are permitted to promote your Ambassador links and codes anywhere you believe a receptive audience is that may be interested in WCD products including social media sites/ blogs/ and website.

 However you are asked to reframe from promoting on sites and social media  post that  promote violence ,  sexism , and racism to name a few. I simply ask that you use good judgment when deciding where to place your Ambassador links. 

How much am I paid? 

12% for links  or  10% for codes  ( This is subject to change with notice) 

Example: The average item on is $25  you can expect to make $3.00 for a sucessful transaction from an item at this price when your direct link is used. Slightly less for a coupon code. Naturally this amount will increase depending on the size of the order. 


When am I paid? 

Ambassadors will be paid the 1st day of each month for all PAID and Processed orders of the previous month . Pending/ canceled/ refunded orders will not be included in commissions. Adjustments will be made for any canceled or refunded orders accordingly. 

How am I paid? 
All ambassadors must have a paypal account. Funds are sent to you via paypal to the paypal account/email address your provide in your dashboard. 

Do I receive commissions if I buy something?
No, as an ambassador you will not receive commissions by using your own Ambassador links or codes to make a purchase. Abuse of your mbassador account can result in the termination of your account. 

What is considered an inactive account?

This Ambassador program should be considered by people truly prepared to put efforts into promoting. Because Wild Child Dzigns has limited space for ambassador accounts , any inactive accounts will have to be removed if no referrals and/or no unique visits are generated within a 60 day span.  (timeframe subject to change)

Who do I contact with questions , comments or suggestions? 
That would be me! Jasmine .... I can be reached at with any questions or concerns 


As an ambassador you will be automatically subscribed to the ambassador newsletter which will be used to send mass communication regarding any significant changes,  tools to promote your ambassador links, newest products, incentives and more. 

Bonuses & Commission changes
At some point WCD may choose to implement incentives and bonuses for exceptional performance. If and when these  opportunities arise , ambassadors will be notified . 

Other things you should know
You have the right to discontinue your account at anytime for any reason without penalty. 

Wild Child Dzigns also reserves the right to cancel accounts for any reason , or terminate the ambassador program altogether. Ambassador accounts will be settled in full should any of these changes arise. 

Please check back often as more information may be added to this page.